Badminton Tournament, May 5 2019.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED! We have 24 players registered and a couple individuals on the waitlist.

Please register below to indicate your interest in joining this year's Badminton Tournament. Please note the format and skill/level requirements described below. Please note that you must be logged in to register. If you are not a current OFSL member, you must first create an account and click to accept the terms. The system will send you an email with a login link. If you don't see that email, please check your spam folders.

Then, once you have logged in, return to this page to complete the registration.


We will send you the e-transfer details following registration. The amount is $28.25 ($25+HST). 

Team Format

This is a FUN tournament. Registration is capped at 24 players divided into 6 separate teams of approximately equal level as follows:

  • From the pool of 24, we first select team captains who are generally considered the most skilled and/or good leaders.
  • From there, we randomly add the remaining players to each team.
  • Once the teams have been filled, we may (drawing on everyone's feedback) adjust teams in cases where there is an obvious imbalance in levels.
  • Each player on a given team plays with the three others for the duration of the tournament. 

Schedule / Rules

Teams will play at least 8 games over the course of the day.

Rules follow Badminton Association of Canada: games end when the first team scores 21 points. Both teams' scores be recorded to rank teams.   

Skill levels

As a fun-based tournament, we invite players who play at a level that can be described as intermediate and above.

If you are uncertain of your level, feel free to contact us. If you are a player from an outside club (neither OFSL nor meetup), feel free to mention the names of any OFSL / Meetup members who you know so that we can verify your level.

We will also allow a few skilled teenagers to join the tournament.  If the player is under 18 years old, we require a supervisor to be present.


Please recognize we wish to keep language and behaviour civil and respectful. "Friendly banter" is allowed between friends who are opposing players, but refrain from provocative and unfriendly taunts. If in doubt, smile and play.

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